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Social Determinants
of Health

Jeffrey Stokes, PhD


A social determinants of health perspective is one that understands individuals, their behaviors, and their health outcomes are to a certain extent products of their environments—social and relational environments, physical and built environments, or systemic and policy environments. 


I enjoy contributing interesting and novel information to the field that can be used to improve health among the aging population. More mundanely, there is nothing more satisfying than having a statistical model run without errors—with interesting and novel results!

Two of my foremost research interests are  the ways in which married older adults impact one another’s mental, physical, and cognitive health over time; and how neighborhood context and characteristics affect health in later life. Currently I am  examining residence, loneliness, and health outcomes among midlife and older adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

Much of my work has focused on loneliness among married older adults. The idea that loneliness pertains only to isolated older persons is a myth: Loneliness is fairly widespread in our society across age groups. Loneliness is a spectrum, and it can affect us all. It's an aspect of mental and emotional health that deserves greater attention and less stigma."

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